Tuesday, 14 March 2017

F:A:Q section

In order to complete your F.A.Q (frequently asked questions) section, follow these steps:

  • First think of 5 to 10 questions that a potential client would like you to answer about your business.
  • Write the list in your page. Use bullets or numbers.
  • Then create a new page for each of the questions. The title of each page will be the same as the question. Answer the question in the new page. Give complete answers.
  • Finally, select each of the questions in the list of the FAQ page and link it to its answer page.

how to insert a google map

In order to complete your Location" page in your website, insert a google map where you will drop a mark for the exact location of your business, and also routes from the relevant places in the area (airports, stations or famous places in the area)
  • start your session in google
  • go to google maps
  • click on the menu and choose: my places
  • click on " maps"
  • click on "create map" at the bottom
  • write the address you are looking for, or go to the country / town where you want to place your business.
  • drop a mark there
  • Edit the mark: give it a name and a description, for example.
  • Mark routes there
  • The map is saved in drive.
  •  Open your google site.
  • open the location page
  • insert
  • insert map
  • click on more
  • map engine lite
  • select the map you want to insert.