Thursday, 19 January 2017

Make a website to advertise your business

Now that you have your own blog, you're going to go a step ahead and create your own website. The main difference between a blog and a website is that a blog is used to add your news in a chronological order, whereas a website is thought as a more stable place with different pages. It is very simple to create a website if you use Google Sites.

You are going to imagine you've got a business of any kind (sports, technology, music, restaurants, art, transport, travelling, fashion, education, photography, ...) and you need to advertise it on the internet, because it is not very popular at the moment and you're not making much money.

Your website will minimally include:
  • "About us" page: Information about yourself (invented).
  • "Location" page: Exact location of your business.(Insert a google map with information of how to get there). We will do this one day altogether.
  • Detailed description of the services your business offers, in different pages. You can include photographs, presentations, video, spreadsheets, ...
  • "Contact" page: How to contact you.
  • FAQ page (Frequently Asked Questions)
 Follow these instructions in the given order about how to use Google Sites.

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