Sunday, 8 January 2017

ETWINNING PROJECT: Advertising is in my life

Dear students

The new year is here and we are going to start it with a project which is completely new for us. We are going to participate in an ETWINNING project called: "Advertising is in my life".

Etwinning projects enable us to cooperate with other European students and teachers. In this case, we are going to work with French, Slovakian, Turkish and Italian students on a project related to advertising.

Of course, we want you to work in a safe digital environment, and etwinning provides us with a TWINSPACE: this is a platform that only teachers and participating students will have access to. The link to this plataform is: You can insert a link to the platform in your blog to access it easily. Use the username and passwords I have given you to enter the twinspace.

Here is a video with some useful information about the use of the twinspace:

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