Friday, 25 November 2016

Violence against women in the EU

Good morning

Today, November 25th, is the day to say NO to violence against women. We would like you to write a leaflet as a campaign against this type of violence.

Getting informed must be a first step to a good campaign to say NO to violence against women. Last year a terrible piece of news struck me: one of the biggest surveys had been carried out in Europe about violence against women, and the results were devastating. Here I give you a link to the report with the results. As it is very long, check the index and look into those aspects you are more interested in.

Although it is in Spanish, I invite you to listen to Iñaki Gabilondo talking about the results of this survey:

I want you to use  Lucidpress to design the leaflet.

You have four lessons to do this. Last day, December 2nd.

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