Sunday, 6 November 2016


When a team has to find and select specific information, it is a good idea to divide work. However, this sometimes leads to different organizational problems: one uses a format, another person uses another format. Preparing a google drive spreedsheet altogether is a good idea to avoid such problems, and then each member of the team will do his or her work, but everybody else will see and follow every other student's progress.

Let's see a practical case. I want you to get information about the Nobel Prize Winners throughout the last  20 years. You are 20 people, so this should be quite easy if you divide work properly.

This is the spreadsheet you have to complete.

When you finish, take time to look at the result. Have a look at all the Nobels and choose the Nobel who has drawn your attention and write a complete and personal article about that person. Select relevant information about the person, information that will explain why you chose them.

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