Monday, 19 December 2016

What to read, watch or play at Christmas


Christmas holidays are round the corner. Write a post recommending your readers a film to watch, a book to read and a video/computer/mobile game to play.

Give information about the products recommended, but from a personal point of view. DON'T copy and paste. Use images, videos or any other visuals necessary to complement your text. We should leave it finished on Friday.

Friday, 25 November 2016

Violence against women in the EU

Good morning

Today, November 25th, is the day to say NO to violence against women. We would like you to write a leaflet as a campaign against this type of violence.

Getting informed must be a first step to a good campaign to say NO to violence against women. Last year a terrible piece of news struck me: one of the biggest surveys had been carried out in Europe about violence against women, and the results were devastating. Here I give you a link to the report with the results. As it is very long, check the index and look into those aspects you are more interested in.

Although it is in Spanish, I invite you to listen to Iñaki Gabilondo talking about the results of this survey:

I want you to use  Lucidpress to design the leaflet.

You have four lessons to do this. Last day, December 2nd.

Sunday, 6 November 2016


When a team has to find and select specific information, it is a good idea to divide work. However, this sometimes leads to different organizational problems: one uses a format, another person uses another format. Preparing a google drive spreedsheet altogether is a good idea to avoid such problems, and then each member of the team will do his or her work, but everybody else will see and follow every other student's progress.

Let's see a practical case. I want you to get information about the Nobel Prize Winners throughout the last  20 years. You are 20 people, so this should be quite easy if you divide work properly.

This is the spreadsheet you have to complete.

When you finish, take time to look at the result. Have a look at all the Nobels and choose the Nobel who has drawn your attention and write a complete and personal article about that person. Select relevant information about the person, information that will explain why you chose them.

Friday, 4 November 2016

How to publish your mindmap

Dear students
Today I would like you to write a post in your blog explaining the work you have done with mind42. Tell the readers why you have chosen the topic.

Then publish the mind map and insert it in your blog in four different ways. The result should be similar to this:

  • Give a link to the mindmap.
  • Embed the mindmap like this: 
  • Now export the mindmap as a JPEG file and insert the image here:

  • Now export the mindmap as a PDF file and upload it to your drive. Then share the document with all the class, including me, and provide a link like this.

And you will be wondering: but how do we do this??? Experiment with the application, it is not difficult. Just a clue: open your mindmap and open the menu at the top (in the centre).

Tuesday, 25 October 2016


Mind maps are diagrams used to classify, visualize, generate and structure ideas. We use them to study for exams; to make presentations etc...Today we are going to work with a digital application to create mind maps easily. It is .

You are going to create your own mind map. These are some ideas for your mind maps (but feel free to create a mind map about any other topic):

  • Any topic from your Social Science class.
  • Music styles and/or most important bands or singers.
  • Sports and/or most famous sportsmen or sportswomen.
  • Literature genres and most representative writers.
  • Political parties and most representative politicians.
  • Urban tribes and main features.
  • Animal species.
  • The univers, galaxies etc...
  • Films and/or actors/actresses
  • ....
In order to create these mind maps, you will go to and sign up (create an account). Then you will see the mind map manager. Click on "new mind map" and start experimenting. Include pictures and videos in your mindmap and links to relevant pages or interesting documents. Play with colours as well. Remember that your texts in a mind map should be short, schematical.

Sunday, 23 October 2016

Loose ends about your article on social websites

Dear students

I am back again, and I have been looking at your articles about social websites. Here are some comments I want to make on them:
  • Some of you haven't finished this article.
  • Some of you have finished but haven't published the article
  • Some of you haven't used any visuals (images, videos, graphics...) to make the post more attractive.
  • Some of you have made an incredible amount of grammar mistakes.
  • Some of you haven't connected your ideas with proper connectors: you have written schematically
  • Some of you have copied definitions of certain concepts (social network; cyberbullying...) but without sense.

If this is your case, please, review what you have written and try to improve your post. For grammar mistakes, disconnected ideas or meaningless definitions, I recommend reading what you have written. You will realise that you have made some of the mistakes. Sharing the revision task with a friend is a good idea to find grammar mistakes and solve them.

Most typical grammar mistakes: verbs (past, present...), singular / plural verbs and nouns, forgetting subjects, unfinished sentences... You can copy the text to a word processor and use correctors. They don't correct everything but they help.

Thursday, 13 October 2016


Hello. Today I can't be with you in class, but you are going to start working on your second article. Nowadays it is a fact that most teenagers (but not only teenagers) have an account in social websites like Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. Logging in these webs has become a routine in the lives of most of them. That's why your second article will deal with this issue. I would like you to reflect on the following questions:






In order to put your reflections together,  click here, make a copy of the document, give it your name and fill in the document. Write down as many ideas as you can think of.

Once the document is complete, you will be ready to start writing your second article.

Monday, 10 October 2016


First use Google drive spreadsheets to create your school timetable. Minimum requirements:
  • Times column
  • Weekdays row
  • Each subject in a different background colour
  • Breaktime row (narrower than the rest)
  • Lunch row (narrower than the rest)
  • Bold letters and centred alineation

Secondly, share it with me (edition permission) and with the rest of the group (viewing permission).

Finally, make a link from your blog to your timetable and insert it in your "Link List" in the sidebar of your blog.

Tuesday, 4 October 2016


Hi students!

You have already finished writing your first article for your blog, and in doing that, you have used dictionaries, you have learned how to insert pictures, how to embed videos etc...

Today, you are going to learn how to include a list of links to useful webpages  in your blog. As an example, you will all include LASKENGLISH and LASKOICT as useful blogs.

Follow these steps:

  • Go to your blog's dashboard.
  • Click on LAYOUT.
  • You will find a schematic structure of your blog's main page. Decide where you will include this list and choose ADD A GADGET. 
  • You will now see a long list of gadgets you can include in your blog. Choose LINK LIST by Blogger.

  • Put a title for this new section of your blog: useful links, interesting links, etc...
  • Write the name of the page: LASKOICT, and the URL address:
  • Then SAVE the information. View your blog now and see the result.
Do the same now with LASKENGLISH and with 8 more links which you find will be necessary for your work (ikasgune, dictionaries...).

Friday, 23 September 2016

Your first article!

Congratulations, your blogs look great now!! But they are so empty!

Today, you will start writing your first article on one of these topics:

  • Teenagers vs adults. Reasons for conflict.
  • Nature, environment, ecology... (What should we do to keep it safe? What dangers do we see? What could we do in our everyday life?... etc.)
  • Travelling in Europe or around the world. Tell us about any foreign country you have been to (why do you recommend it or why you don't), or if you haven't been to any, tell us which one you would like to visit and why.
  • Musical instruments, music genres or music groups. (Why you have decided to talk about this, personal opinion about everything, recommendations, ...)
  • Cultural differences in the world (religious differences, shocking traditions, women around the world, children around the world...)
  • Economic crisis: How does it affect your people? Have you noticed it? What could we do about it? What suggestions would you make to European politicians? or any other questions related to the issue.
  • Refugees and immigrants. It is a hot issue nowadays.

Your article should include a bit of factual information (objective information) about the topic BUT SPECIALLY a personal view of the topic: your opinion about that information, or your personal experience, ...

You will never use other people's information as if it was yours. You will provide links to all the sources you use.

Take some time today to think

 and decide on the topic you will choose, surf the net to get ideas... and once your decision has been made, send me an email and tell me about it.

You will have 3 or 4 days to do this task (it will depend on how busy you are, of course!).  Google translation tools are not recommended.

Friday, 16 September 2016

How to create your own blog.

Today we are going to learn how to create our own blog with blogger. This blog will be your notebook for this subject. Here is a link to the instructions you have to follow to create your blog.

Once you have created the blog, write a welcome message.
Remember that all Laskenglish readers may become your readers  as soon as I have linked your blogs to LaskoICTs.

Monday, 12 September 2016

Create a group of contacts in Gmail

Hi, In our first class you completed a form about your ICT competence, and you also told me what your email address is.

Now, we will create a group of contacts where we will include all the members of the class, including the teacher. My address is:

There are different ways of creating a group of contacts, but this is probably the easiest one:
  • I will send you an email with the addresses of all the members of the class.
  • Copy these addresses.
  • Then go to contacts.
  • Create a new group. Call it ICT students
  • Open the group, and click on "add contacts". Paste all the addresses in the window that appears, and your group will be created. Don't forget to include me in the group.

How far can you get with ICT?